How Matchmoving Works?

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a matchmove solution by TRAVIS GORMAN -

a matchmove solution by TRAVIS GORMAN –

In order to understand the matchmoving mechanism, we need to understand how the camera work.

charge-coupled device (CCD)The camera is a device that capture the light that this getting through the camera’s lens when the aperture opens at the front of the camera, then the light lands on a detector that called a charge-coupled device (CCD) breaks it up into millions of pixels. Thats how we get images at the end.

Eventually we are looking at a picture which is a 2D representation of the 3D world captured by the camera.. so cameras are devices that convert 3D into 2D images.

Guess what is the matchmove artist’s about?! Yes exactly the opposite, our mission is to convert these 2D sequences back into 3 dimensional digital space!

What is Matchmoving?


Image By Makuta VFX –

A lot of young visual effects artists who are starting their career, have heard of matchmove, matchmoving or camera tracking, but they don’t know exactly what it means and why its important! First all the previous terms are almost the same. Allow me to to make up an example before defining for better understanding!

Lets say there is a shot in a movie where the director needs a giant robot walk through a street, while the actor is running away from it,
obviously they will shoot the actor who is running away from a robot which doesn’t exist, meanwhile the cameraman is moving in action following the actor.
Now the result of such scene is a sequence – which is called a “plate” – of a guy running and the camera is following him, in order to add a CG robot in that shot, the visual effects artists need to analyze and translate the movement of the real world camera to a 3D camera that will be used to render out the CG robot with the same motion!

Long story short, Matchmoving is figuring out the motion of a real camera and translating it to a 3D camera that can be used later for rendering CG elements which eventually will be matched to the real plate!

Practicing Perspective Sketching!

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Thanks to CTRL+Paint DVDs that are helping me through learning and understanding perspective sketching, of course there are lot of things to go through but hopefully i can learn how to sketch what’s in my mind and improve my skills in the pre-production phase, i’m really recommending anyone who wants to step into the 2D world to study those DVDs especially of you are a 3D artist 😉

perspective sketching



Creature Modeling

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Finally after long time of being afraid of getting into organic modeling, i managed to start doing than talking so i followed Alex Alvarez’s tutorial and after 2 DVDs i managed to make the base model of that lovely creature…


I believe that i managed to break the wall of fear after i finished a crash course into traditional sculpting,
thanks to Prof. Ahmed Hafez who taught me not only how to make a sculpt but also how to see and understand the details in the organic shapes.