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Scratched Metal Shader

Hi, i was playing around discovering the mia x shader and tried to make a realistic scratched metal shader, and decided to share it with you, & i will try my best to explain each step.

First, on your desktop at the left corner there is a button called start menu Windows-Start-Orbclick on it, check choose Autodesk Maya!!

– Oops my bad, let skip this part and get right inside the real job.

You can make this shader in five easy steps:
-First make sure that you are setting up your scene for Linear Workflow correctly, adding an HDRI, turning Final Gather on, using lens shader on camera & assigning the mia x shader to your model,
– You have to turn off the “Diffuse” by changing the “Weight” value to ZERO,
– Then make sure that the value of the “Reflectivity” is 1 and that’s it, you have Chrome shader BUT it doesn’t look real!!
– i know, in real life the surface of most objects don’t reflect evenly, which is not happening in your scene so you have to paint on Photoshop or use some maya’s nodes to create uneven map like “noise cloud” to use it as a map for the “”Reflection>Color” and another map to use it for the “Glossiness” and don’t forget to slide up the “glossy samples” up at least 32.
– At the end you will need to add a scratches texture map to the “overall bump”, you can use this one. Enjoy!!


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  • Mohamed Diab
    April 23, 2014

    man this is awesome, you have no idea how it helped me out ^^

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