Growth hacking for travel startups

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking for travel startups shouldn’t be much different than growth hacking for any other startup, it just means more understanding for your audience & users while you are trying to build your own growth hacking machine.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses unfamiliar marketing tools & tactics in order to gain exposure at the least cost & shortest time frame.

Growth Hacker!

Growth Hacker’s job is to build a smart endless marketing cycle & then create a momentum that runs this machine to have non-stop rolling snow ball.



Is growth hacking an alternative to “regular” digital marketing?

I believe the answer is a big NO, growth hacking is an unguaranteed game, so you better have your marketing plan integrated with growth hacking techniques! You don’t want to jump off the cliff hoping that you can sew a parachute on your way down!


1st time Growth Hacker?!

Here are couple slide share presentation you MUST read before you start digging deep into this topic!


Your turn, let us know in the comment below about your startup & the marketing challenges you face!